Strategic Plan

Objective #1: Staff Development

Create a schedule of training for all care staff in BLMK

  • All training and development sessions to be booked through contacts on website
  • Produce and develop a twice year rolling programme of clinical skills training for registered nurses
  • In conjunction with Mind Options establish a continuous schedule of coaching, mentoring and  resilience masterclasses for care home managers, deputies and senior team members

Objective #2: Communication

Generate good working relationships with care providers in BLMK to develop a trusting partnership

  • Create communication channels with new Care Providers
  • Build partnerships between Care Providers and Trusted Assessors
  • Have a visible presence at both BLMK Partnership and Regional, East of England meetings
  • Increase the level of engagement between BCG Ltd and all Care Providers

Objective #3: Dedicated Support Team

Establish and maintain a Trusted Assessor team to act as advocates for Care Providers in acute hospital settings

  • Ensure the Trusted Assessor Team maintain their independence within the NHS team and act as independent advocates for Care Providers
  • A detailed company handbook with all policies and procedures will be accessible to all staff
  • Keep team focused with regular meetings

Objective #4: Launch Pad

Provide an innovative and creative launch pad for new ideas and projects

  • BCG Ltd website to provide Care Providers full accessibility to relevant information
  • Creative area on website to be developed for ongoing projects
  • Forum on website to discuss new ideas and projects

Objective #5: Networks & Forums

Provide online networks and forums to share information and ideas

  • Together with BCG ensure all forums are collaborative
  • Establish quarterly nurse forums for Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Establish quarterly Registered Managers Network
  • Establish yearly conference for Care Providers in Bedfordshire

Trusted Assessors

You can save time and reduce delay to your residents’ discharge from hospital by having one of our Trusted Assessors in place to assess their needs.

Bedford Borough Council Training

Are you a care provider in the Bedford borough? Do you need to provide training to your staff members? We can provide training on any topic at the point of need.

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