Trusted Assessors

The Trusted Assessor scheme is a national initiative designed to promote safe and timely discharges from hospital for care home residents and home care clients, both new and returning.

The scheme’s objective is for Care Providers to have formal, written agreements with suitably qualified Trusted Assessors who will complete the resident’s assessment prior to discharge, in place of the Care Provider Manager.

This saves the Care Provider time and reduces the delay in discharges.

The Trusted Assessors have access to all nursing, clinical and medication notes and can provide instant up-to-date information about the resident or client to ensure their needs can be met by the Care Provider upon their discharge from hospital.

At BCG Ltd, our Trusted Assessors are all experienced professionals who have the qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience needed to complete assessments.

Our Trusted Assessors have also spent time getting to know all the Care Provider Managers in Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council to understand their needs, so they are confident for our Trusted Assessors to complete assessments on their behalf.

All paperwork has been designed in collaboration with Care Providers to meet the Care Quality Commission’s Regulations.

We have 4 Trusted Assessors:

  • Susan Yates (RN) Trusted Nurse Assessor –
  • Mia Wheeler Trusted Assessor –
  • Emily Stacey Trusted Assessor – /
  • Sharina Wright Trusted Assessor –

Trusted Assessors

You can save time and reduce delay to your residents’ discharge from hospital by having one of our Trusted Assessors in place to assess their needs.

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