About Us

Are you a care provider in Bedfordshire?

Are you looking for information and assistance on implementing the ‘Enhanced Health Care in Care Homes’ (EHiCH) framework?

We are the Bedfordshire Care Group Limited (BCG Ltd).

BCG Ltd was formed in November 2017 to assist the local authorities, including Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes (BLMK) Clinical Commissioning Group, and Care Providers in BLMK to implement the EHiCH framework that moves towards proactive, personalised care and support, and is centred on the needs of individual residents, their families and care home and home care staff. We are also affiliated to the Bedfordshire Care Group which is a membership organisation that aims to create a collaborative network of experts in the care sector. For further information and to become a member please visit www.bedfordshirecaregroup.org .

Our team includes highly experienced residential care home owners, managers and clinical nurses, and we know that proactive care can only be achieved through a whole-system, collaborative approach.

We can help you:

  • Provide training and development
  • Provide Trusted Assessors
  • Provide ‘Champion’ training in ‘End of Life’, Hydration, ‘Puffins’, Oral Health, Falls Awareness, Value Based Interviewing, Advanced Mental Health, Medication and Dementia. Champions programmes to come on board in 2022 Safeguarding, Oliver McGowan Mandatory training for Learning Disabilities and Mental Health.
  • Digitize your setting to help you use technology within the care home environment, including NHSmail, proxy access to system one, DSP toolkit, Whzan remote monitoring, Yellow Bracelets, Acoustic Monitoring
  • Personalised Care Planning

Any other support that we can provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trusted Assessors

You can save time and reduce delay to your residents’ discharge from hospital by having one of our Trusted Assessors in place to assess their needs.

Bedford Borough Council Training

Are you a care provider in the Bedford borough? Do you need to provide training to your staff members? We can provide training on any topic at the point of need.

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If you have any queries relating to care provision in Bedfordshire, get in touch today.